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SL2 Registration Links

• Drop In session registration - 1:1 single session with a Learning Specialist, up to 2 sessions per quarter

• LLIT Program registration for winter 2022 - 1:1 sessions with a dedicated Learning Specialist

• PEN Program registration - Connect with learning partner

• Affinity Group registration - Meet with other students for supportive discussion about learning experiences

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Work with a Learning Specialist

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The SL2 provides 1:1 Learning Specialist sessions to undergraduates, graduate students, and doctoral students.  Our Learning Specialists help you connect with your whole self as a learner.

  • Define your goals, strengths, and the areas you wish to strengthen.  
  • Build self-awareness through reflective practice to fine tune your learning approaches.
  • Discover resources on and off campus, as well as tech tools to help you make the most of your time.  
  • Leverage your gifts through customized strategies that equip you to respond effectively to the stressors of the moment and the challenges of the future. 
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For all Stanford students

Drop In Sessions

A Drop In is a 30 minute session with a Learning Specialist.  Bring a specific question or concern about your learning strategies or examine your LASSI results in more detail. Register for up to two sessions per quarter.

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For Stanford students with diagnosed learning differences

LLIT Program

Our LLIT program is a student-centered, quarter-long experience that infuses individualized goal-setting and strategy-building to advance your academic acuity and self-awareness.