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SL2 Registration Links

• Drop In session registration - 1:1 single session with a Learning Specialist, up to 2 sessions per quarter

• LLIT Program registration for winter 2022 - 1:1 sessions with a dedicated Learning Specialist

• PEN Program registration - Connect with learning partner

• Affinity Group registration - Meet with other students for supportive discussion about learning experiences

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The Stanford Learning Lab (SL2) connects people to one another and to the extensive learning supports and resources available through Stanford University.  The SL2 is a Student Affairs pilot program developed to integrate the values of Our Most Important Work and the goals of the IDEAL Initiative

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Stanford Learning Lab Overview

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Our Mission

  • Establish a hub for the intersection of learning and wellness to prepare Stanford scholars to thrive now and far into the future
  • Build communities among Stanford students and staff to integrate our collective knowledge and resources and to foster belonging
  • Provide 1:1 Learning Specialist support to students with and without diagnosed learning differences/disabilities
  • Assemble a virtual library of learning strategies and tools, making it easy for all learners to explore and adopt personalized, effective practices
  • Identify and address skill gaps among frosh and transfer sophomores so that students new to Stanford can fortify their toolkits and access the hidden curriculum
  • Advise Stanford faculty on Universal Design for Learning principles and applications that support all learners
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Meet Stanford Learning Lab's staff and find out how to connect with them. 

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Our Partners & Additional Resources

Explore a list of partners and resources curated by Stanford Learning Lab staff. 

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What is Learner Variability?

On an individual scale, we start from the cognitive and social science premise that a multitude of factors influence learning. On a larger scale, learner variability refers to the ways in which the diversity of approaches to learning can create major hurdles and deliver tremendous benefits. 

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Language Matters

Learning Disability or Learning Difference?  At the Stanford Learning Lab, we use each student’s preferred terms, embracing the stance that Elizabeth Ross takes.